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Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Shield

Rough Country 

Catalytic Converter Shield

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Catalytic Converter Shield
  • Made From 14-Gauge Steel For Durability And Longevity
  • Provides Protection For The Catalytic Converter Against Damage From Road Debris/Speed Bumps And Other Hazards
  • Reduces The Risk Of Theft Of The Catalytic Converter Which Can Be A Valuable Target For Thieves
  • Powder-Coated Finish For Added Resistance To Corrosion And The Elements
  • Easy Bolt-On Installation

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  • Increased Security The CAT-RAP™ Will Confuse Frustrate And Deter Theft
  • Durable Materials With All Stainless Steel Components
  • Universal And Innovative Design With 30 Min. Install/No-Drilling Or Welding
  • Designed In America / Made In America
  • Patent Pending

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