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Auto Trans Shifter Plate


Hill Killer Gate Plate

3 Parts

Hill Killer Gate Plate
  • Replaces The Reverse Lock Out Gate Plate
  • Designed Specifically To Be Quick And Easy Change
  • Eliminates The Reverse Lock Out Feature Of The Ratchet Gate Plate
  • Ensures Quick Shifts To Reverse In
  • Not Recommended To Repeatedly Go From Forward To Reverse Gear
  • Constructed Of Heavy Stainless Steel For Durability And Long Life
  • Includes Gate Plate And Selector Pin
  • Does Not Include Shift Handle And Shifter Knob

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Magnum Grip Plate

1 Parts

Magnum Grip Plate
  • Two 12 Volt Momentary Switches For All Magnum Grip Shifters
  • Red Buttons Used To Activate Push To Talk Communication System
  • Completely Hidden Wires In Channel On The Shift Handle Side
  • The Wires Are Kept Out Of The Way And Clean Presentation
  • Textured Diamond Pattern For Sure Grip When Shifting
  • Includes Grip Assembly And Hardware

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