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Fuel Lift Pump

BD Diesel 

Flow-MaX Fuel Lift Pump

1 Parts

Flow-MaX Fuel Lift Pump
  • Single Pump Flows 150 gph To Support Up To 800 HP
  • Gerotor Design
  • Ideal Replacement For The OEM Pump
  • Ultra Quiet and Compact
  • Vibration Isolators
  • Aluminum Brackets
  • Stainless Straps
  • Versatile Frame Mount
  • Filter Cartridge Has 3 Micron Rating/20 Micron Efficiency
  • Easy To Find Non-Proprietary Filter Cartridges
  • 24 Months or 48000 Mile Warranty

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BD Diesel 

Fuel Lift Pump Kit

5 Parts

Fuel Lift Pump Kit
  • Proprietary Switch Solves Hard Start Issues
  • Frame Mounted Bypass Fuel Lift Pump
  • Lower Cost Alternative
  • 12 Month Or 12000 Mile Warranty

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BD Diesel 

Venom Fuel Lift Pump Kit

7 Parts

Venom Fuel Lift Pump Kit
  • 1-1/8in Diaphragm Based Fuel Pressure Regulation
  • Preset 8-10 PSI
  • Updated Pump Mounting Bracket
  • Includes Commonly Sourced Water Separator And Fuel Filter
  • 165Gph Supports From Stock Up To 900Hp
  • Hard Coat Billet Pump Body
  • Quick Connect Fittings Included - No Cutting Required
  • Ultra-Compact Design

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