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Rustproofing AT Tri-State CustoMS

What is Rustproofing (Rust Inhibitor)?

Rust Proofing is a generic automotive corrosion protection sometimes used as a synonym for Undercoating. More properly, rustproofing describes the product installed into a vehicles enclosed cavities to prevent inside-out corrosion perforation. ValuGard Rust Inhibitor is also commonly referred to as cavity wax or inner cavity treatment. We apply without drilling holes via noninvasive jet-atomization fogging method. Amber in color, Valugard Rust Inhibitor is a mil-spec, solvent-borne, thixotropic, corrosion preventative compound that protects new vehicles hood, doors, rocker panels, tailgate/trunk and frame with a $2500 Lifetime warranty against rust-through perforation. Unlike annual oiling, Valugard Rust Inhibitor is a single application that neverneeds to be reapplied. Valugard Rust Inhibitor is OEM approved, tested and proven effective at stopping corrosion due to road salt and liquid de-icing chemical brines.

What is Undercoating?

ValuGard Undercoat is a black, solvent & wax base, self-healing, abrasion & corrosion resistant coating. It is applied to the underbody and wheel wells (if applicable) to protect factory anticorrosion coatings (E-coat & paint) from damaging road exposure while insulating from heat/cold and deadening road noise/vibration. It will not freeze, crack, pocket, and fail like outdated "rubberized" undercoats. ValuGard Undercoat is warranted for Lifetime on new vehicles against peeling, flaking or sagging and rust-through perforation of underbody panels.



New Vehicles or 1000 Miles and Below

Rust Inhibitor - Lifetime

Undercoat - Lifetime

Used Vehicles 1001-36,000 Miles

(No Rust or Corrosion)

Rust Inhibitor - 7 years

Undercoat - 7 years


*Used vehicles with rust or corrosion present do not qualify for warranty.

**Extra Charges - used vehicles rust conversion process encapsulates existing rust and creates a quality surface for undercoat to bond.

Note: Vehicles with 20,000+ miles take much longer to prep before the application process. Keep this in mind for scheduling as these vehicles take longer than a new vehicle when undercoated.

Note: Be sure to read and go over FAQ's


How long does it take to get my vehicle protected with ValuGard Undercoat and Rust Inhibitor?
It is normally a 24 hour application process.

Can I drive my vehicle as soon as it's done?
After curing overnight,  you may drive your vehicle.

Can I take my vehicle through a car wash?
ValuGard products can take up to one week to fully cure. Avoid car washes or pressure washing the underbody for one week.

My vehicle was just undercoated, why are some areas not coated?
Undercoat is not applied to anything that spins (drive shaft), has moving parts (brakes) or gets hot (exhaust system).

I noticed you undercoated everything besides my frame, why?
Certain vehicle frames have an undercoating applied to it during assembly. That frame coating is warranted under the manufactures 3yr/36K new vehicle limited warranty.

Do you remove the spare tire when you undercoat?
Yes, we remove and coat on the backside. In rare cases, the spare tire may be rusted in and we cannot remove.

My vehicle underbody has some rust what do you do for prep before applying undercoat?
First, we pressure wash the underbody. Second, wire brush to remove remaining corrosion. Third, we apply ValuGrad Rust Converter - process encapsulates existing rust and creates a quality surface for undercoat to bond. After converter sets up, we topcoat with ValuGard undercoat. This process takes about 3 hours.

My vehicle is only 1-2 years old, why does it not have a warranty?
Your vehicle had evidence of corrosion/rust on the underbody. Used vehicles with rust or corrosion present do not qualify for any ValuGard warranty.

Why do we need the customers name and address?
For any warranted vehicle, we need the customer name and address to complete the warranty registration.

I noticed I have some over spray, it looks like undercoating. How can I remove this?
We do our best to mask off certain areas prone to have over spray. In some cases, even after we do our walk around, we may miss some spots. We would be happy to take care of this for you or you can remove with a rag dampened in mineral spirits. Mild mineral spirits are safe on paint. Do not use a hot solvent like MEK or acetone.

Are annual inspections or reapplications required?
No, ValuGard coatings never require inspection. If you see rust, bring it to Tri-State Customs and offroad attention selling dealer's attention or call ValuGard direct at 800-543-7156. To report a claim, ask for the warranty manager.